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there is always a kid in us…


A friend, D, from my previous workplace is here for a whirlwind work trip. So, R (his intern) and I showed him around Canberra on Sunday afternoon. It was good fun, and I am really glad to be showing anyone from Singapore around Canberra.It will be good to have YW in ANU sometime in the later part of this year.

We covered a fair bit of ground just by walking around. We went around the City, around ANU, my office to take shelter from the rain, around the lake all the way to the National Museum, had dinner at Pancake Parlour, and chilled at Knightsbridge, which really is by far my favourite chill-out place in Canberra (apart from cafes). Yes, that was a lot of walking we did.


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March 21, 2011 at 08:45

life. caffeine. me.

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March 15, 2011 at 12:59

keep calm and carry on.

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because we all need to keep calm, and just carry on.

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March 14, 2011 at 12:04

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take a smile

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I got a little bored with work yesterday afternoon, got this idea off the internet, printed off a few sheets and taped them up on noticeboards as  I took a walk around campus to chill.

It puts a smile on my face to know that someone took a smile. Hopefully it puts a smile on their face too 🙂 Everyone needs some cheering up at times.

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March 7, 2011 at 13:33

Commencement 2011

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Second year in college. So, how does that feel? There are times I feel a little too old for college, particularly when I never had a college experience till I started my PhD actually. Yet, there are other times, I feel absolutely thankful to have college friends around. I may not be in all events, mostly going MIA actually. But, I’ve made a few good friends, particularly one.

Good company. Rather good food. Lots of big band dancing, with the guys that I never did think could dance that well (I can’t dance well either). Lots of spins and twirls.

Thank you Mushi for being there last night, and for always being there when I needed her. I was feeling a little down after the dinner when we headed out for more partying. Alcohol certainly didn’t help. Isn’t it strange that the closest friend I have in Canberra where I can tell her anything and everything without being judged is a med student? Funny isn’t it how what seemed like a fun night could lead to one where I just broke down in tears?

For now, it’s back to a lifestyle of no more alcohol and healthy food. Looking forward to being good! Two weekends of alcohol after two months of no alcohol was enough. So was the macca’s meal I had last night (after many months of not eating macca’s!)

On another note, I hope people around me would stop commenting that I have lost a fair bit of weight. Everyone who has seen me recently are telling me that, so much so it’s freaking me out a little. I still want to lose another 5 to 6kg. I have just been eating healthily and been mostly on my diet. I still have my three square meals, eating badly at times. However, the weight has coming off and fluctuating a little. I suppose that’s normal, especially when you are in the normal weight range. I am guessing that the operation to remove the dermoid tumour did help get my hormones back to normal, which probably explains why the weight is coming off. I was gaining a fair bit of weight last year, and found it hard to lose them which was probably partly due to bad eating as well as the hormones that went haywire. So, just let me be?

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March 6, 2011 at 00:26

Where do you get your utility from?

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I have been back in Australia, and more specifically, Canberra, for almost a week. Canberra hasn’t changed much, apart from having a second bubble tea (this time round in the city) in the span of three months. But, I have. I think I can better manage the loneliness that comes with Canberra these days, although I did cry a little on Thursday mainly because I only saw and talked to one fellow PhD peer the other day. The second time is always better, isn’t it? That said, I have my social needs. Unlike some other PhD students, I just can’t seem to survive without social interactions. Having a social life makes me happy.

So, what makes you happy? The other day, I was just thinking about this. The simplest things (sometimes strangely superficial) makes me happy in Canberra. You can’t ask for much here. 🙂

These are the things that kept me happy for the past week since I’ve been back in Canberra:

– coffee with Lorenzo & Kas in the city the moment I got back to Canberra. We needed human contact! (Kas actually had the fb’s status that said: “2011 begins. Where is everybody? Human contact needed.” That’s Canberra for you.)

– having two of your friends tell you: “You’ve lost weight!” Well, I did lose 7kg from June 2010. But, I am pretty much back to the weight I was right before I started on PhD in Jan 2010. I have a few more kilos to go to get to where I want. But, for now, while I’m not skinny, I am within the healthy weight range. So, that’s good.

– my own office finally! Well, I’m sharing it with two others. But, it’s a huge difference from sharing with 7 others. I’ve progressed from Part A (coursework) PhD student to Part B (research) PhD student. I miss the synergy we had in the Part A room though.

Say bye to many weekday/weekend sessions in the Part A room…

And, hello to…

– a slow jog/walk by Lake Burley Griffin. That marks attempt number 1 in getting my fitness back after the operation. The progress is slow, but at least it’s moving.

– the same exact summer flowers blooming in the same exact spot in ANU (the first flowers I noticed in ANU last year!)

– just a short break/lunch with Patrick & Kas in ANU.

– Catch up with Rohini & meeting her mom!

– Tea at 11pm with Kas at the college’s bench. We were just chatting about gym, the different PhDs we are on, and eventually got really amused with the summer scholars that are from everywhere in Australia/NZ.

– Texting Mushi who’s in Fiji!

– Buying birthday gifts for friends in the city. I stepped into Canberra Center yesterday for the first time since I got back 🙂

– Finally getting a car wash done this morning! It took an hour of waiting. But, the car is really clean and nice now, and no longer dusty!

I am in the office. It’s time to get started on the work that needs to be done, having just received an email from one of my supervisor. 2011 goals coming up in the next post or so.

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January 8, 2011 at 14:27


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Despite hardly getting any sleep on the flight, I decided the weather we had in Sydney was too beautiful to waste yesterday. So, being pressed for time at 2pm, I took the fast ferry to Manly, changed into beach gear and did some suntanning (of course, remember the sunblock). It was indeed a beautiful day. The sun wasn’t scorching, the wind was awesome and everyone was there. I was there for a short while till nearly 5pm before the weather turned gloomy. It was great being able to make it back to the city before the rain hits.

So, that marks the end of my short break in Singapore, and Sydney. I can’t believe it was just a month or so ago that I had an operation done. It’s back to the office and work tomorrow (provided I can find someone to get my office keys from).

I’m sure Canberra, the second time round, will be better. So, bring it on, Canberra!

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January 3, 2011 at 10:16

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