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missing the quiet me.

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apart from this, this is something else I am trying to practise/force upon myself these days.

think more, listen more, talk less. wisdom is one of the rarest commodities these days.

I have become a lot noisier over the years, partly due to work experience where I was trained to present and “defend” my work. Or, perhaps it’s just Canberra. I miss the meaningful conversations in life, the times where I can remain silent, listen and process my thoughts. Give me that anytime, over having to argue in conversations, just because some people just can’t hold normal conversations here in Canberra.

Whatever it is, most of the people in college aren’t going to be seeing much of me these days. I figured that if I need to put in much, much, much more effort and hours to submit in June 2013, no later than that. With 24 hours a day, time is better well spent on the PhD, meaningful conversations, and people that matters.

On a different note, I’m pretty pleased with my run in the gym last night – 2.4km in 15 minutes. Nothing fantastic, but it’s been 2 weeks since my last run. It’s time to start training for this Mother’s Day Classic 10km run that Kas and I are planning to enter, and hopefully the Gold Coast Half Marathon in July.


Written by Jasmine

March 9, 2011 at 09:14

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