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There are a few things I have low tolerance for.

1. Inefficiency

2. Asking stupid questions. I am not referring to the kind of questions you ask in a class but think they are stupid. I am a believer of “there are no stupid questions”. But, I am referring to really dumb questions, that are totally unnecessary.

3. People acting like they are 15 when they are in fact more than double that age. It’s awesome to be young at heart. But, acting immature and childish is another whole new matter.

4. People patronising me, or speaking to me in a condescending manner. Get down from your high horse before speaking to me.

Sometimes, when you are nice, people take you for granted. I am generally nice to everyone because there is absolutely no reason to be mean. Treat me with respect and I will treat you with respect.

So, I am fine when I am being teased for fun every now and then. I can take a joke. But, it is no longer funny when I am teased every single time I am spotted or for every single time I say something. It isn’t funny when I am the only girl that is getting teased as well. It may be fun for you but isn’t for me. It gets extremely exhausting. I hate having to come up with a rebuttal for everything you say in response to what I say. I come up with a rebuttal because I have my own views, and I do not just shut up when someone tease me. I hate that some of you guys have to add an additional sentence to all I say, which is unnecessary.

I was at the school’s morning tea to welcome new staff we have had over the last few months. So, I wasn’t eating anything at the morning tea as usual and had my own coffee, which was much needed after waking up at 5am and not being able to get back to sleep. But, these boys wouldn’t leave me alone. One of the boys had to ask a dumb question: “Where did your cup of “Victoria” coffee come from?” He knows it’s from the Degree cafe, yet he still had to ask the question. So, I retorted and said something like isn’t it obvious that I bought it. This is one such dumb question I hate having to answer. It’s a waste of my time and energy.

Another guy had to comment that I am coming to morning tea with a cup of my own coffee and am not eating anything. So, he went on commenting that I am rich for the Xth number of times. Yes, I do know I am a PhD student. I am not rich. But, everyone has a different philosophy on the way of life. Just because I am a PhD student doesn’t mean I try to maximise the number of free meals I can get from the university like you do. I have my own dietary requirements. I eat what I want, and am careful about that especially seeing how the health went downhill last year. So, I would appreciate if you could keep such unnecessary comments to yourself. That wasn’t the first time you have commented that I am rich. I am not. Besides, I get sick of people repeating the same stuffs over and over again. Even if you want to tease me, try something new. Alternatively, just shut up.

This is the same with how some people comment on how I do dress well for uni and as a PhD student. I am a PhD student. Yes, I am. But, that doesn’t mean my sense of fashion or dressing sense goes downhill. For me, I believe in always being dressed properly, because you never know who you will meet. Being dressed nicely makes me feel happy. And, I will continue to do so. It isn’t as though I am dressing up to rock up at a party anyway. I simply put in a 2 minutes effort every night to think about what I will wear the next day. I still wear my tees and shorts. But, I make sure they are presentable as well.

I am always happy to engage in intellectual or meaningful conversations. But, if anyone is teasing me as a hobby on their part, then you can expect me to ignore you.


Written by Jasmine

February 16, 2011 at 13:45

Posted in About Me, Rants

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