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I actually feel like this at the moment. After working on it for more than an hour, the code is finally iterating. And, this is not even the final code I want. I’ve dissected them into smaller portions to “test out” if it works.

Gauss works in funny ways. There are some codes that just don’t work because “matrices are not conformable” due to the number of variables you have. It still doesn’t work no matter how you try to make the matrices conform. Apparently, that’s a restriction in the program. I honestly don’t know. I am not an expert with Gauss, given that I haven’t been through a proper course on coding. I’ve just been dumped into the pool to pick it up by myself since one of the case studies research subject last semester required it.

I’m just really glad I’ll still be auditing a couple of courses through my PhD. One of the course I’m taking this semester will take me through the basics of coding in R. At least that’s going to help!



Written by Jasmine

February 15, 2011 at 14:28

Posted in Economics, PhD, Research

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