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“For a student to prepare this as their first piece of analysis is impressive and augurs well for Jasmine’s career as an applied economist.”

That was one of the sentence in my honours thesis feedback from one of my examiners that stuck with me through my 4 years career in Singapore. My general take and approach towards research, and just about everything just reminds me of how I will always be an applied economist/econometrician, rather than a theorist.

But, somehow, being in a university that has rather heavy groundings in theory (even though I’m from the Center of Applied Macroeconomic Analysis), I feel slightly left out. Sometimes, it makes me feel like I should be doing theory because I am doing my PhD. It doesn’t matter if I am doing much more complicated applied econometrics or econometric theory. It still feels like “fluff” to me. This is one hurdle I need to get past it by myself.

I need to convince myself that what I am doing isn’t “fluff”. I still believe economists are here to facilitate learning as much as it is possible.

I just have too many thoughts on my mind that I need to have them written down.


Written by Jasmine

February 7, 2011 at 13:53

Posted in PhD, Research

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