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Tiger Airways, you suck big time!

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So, I was there at the Tiger Airways terminal a little earlier than boarding time. In the one hour I was there, the flight to Brisbane was delayed twice, making it three times and 7 hours in total. The flight to Hobart was delayed. At the back of my head, I was hoping that my flight to Canberra goes as planned, since the flight to Melbourne was smooth. But, I was wrong. Soon enough, there was an announcement that the flight to Canberra was cancelled. Yes, not even delayed!

There were sighs of disbelief when the flight to Brissy was delayed. And, when the flight to Canberra was cancelled, we were just in disbelief, and somewhat already accepted it as part of Tiger Airways.

I am pissed off. The option to bunk over at Jackie’s place is available. But, I’m awfully tired. After all, I had a really rough week, with trying to fix a meeting with all my supervisors that kept getting postponed, with the car and all. All I really want to do is to get home tonight. So, I took the other option: Went for the most expensive 50 minutes flight in my life with Virgin Blue – the corporate plus seat. I suppose that explains why I am able to type this post at the Virgin Blue e-lounge. I know it isn’t exactly the most value for money option. But, you know how you just feel really tired at times and just want to be back home? I am hoping the day ends peacefully.

It’s funny enough that this flight that I will be hopping onto in an hour odd was the same flight I wanted to book, but thought the timing was a little late. So, I actually went for the more expensive Tiger Airways option because it offered a flight with excellent timing. Yes, my tiger airways flights weren’t even the cheapest options to begin with. I went for timings not exactly price.

Coincidentally, all these delays and cancellations have been captured on the “Airways” show. Channel 7 was filming all these down when we were there.

Whatever it is, I am never taking another flight on Tiger Airways. I can handle delays, but not total cancellation, leaving all of us with no other alternatives. If Tigers were meant to fly, they would be born with wings. Tigers are not meant to fly indeed!

What a shame to the Singapore branding, seeing how Tiger Airways is partially owned by Singapore Airlines, and actually based in Singapore.

Right now, I just want to get home and rest.


Written by Jasmine

February 6, 2011 at 19:57

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