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So, I was at the bank in university today settling some administrative matters.

While serving me, the lady at the counter asked:

Are you wearing the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume?

That didn’t really take me by surprise, since she is the second person who recognises that scent. It’s my favourite perfume which I find last through the day, and is not overwhelming in its smell. Some might think it isn’t suitable for uni. But, I don’t really care.

What took me surprise was what she said next:

Not many people who are in uni can afford that perfume.


I was certainly a little stunned. It’s food for thought.

Whatever it is, I know I am determined not to become one of those PhD students that just forget about dressing up anymore. University will be in my life till the year I turn 30. With the desire to return to the work force and to be going to places I want to, I just think it’s good to always be keeping up the impression of dressing well. It makes me happier as well. So, why not? 🙂 Besides, I’m no longer an 18 year old.


Written by Jasmine

January 20, 2011 at 00:23

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