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Despite hardly getting any sleep on the flight, I decided the weather we had in Sydney was too beautiful to waste yesterday. So, being pressed for time at 2pm, I took the fast ferry to Manly, changed into beach gear and did some suntanning (of course, remember the sunblock). It was indeed a beautiful day. The sun wasn’t scorching, the wind was awesome and everyone was there. I was there for a short while till nearly 5pm before the weather turned gloomy. It was great being able to make it back to the city before the rain hits.

So, that marks the end of my short break in Singapore, and Sydney. I can’t believe it was just a month or so ago that I had an operation done. It’s back to the office and work tomorrow (provided I can find someone to get my office keys from).

I’m sure Canberra, the second time round, will be better. So, bring it on, Canberra!


Written by Jasmine

January 3, 2011 at 10:16

Posted in Photography, Travel

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