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So, here I’m, seated in my room for another 45 minutes or so before I leave for the airport. My flight is at 12am or so. But, I am leaving early since I might need some extra baggage. It might be better to get in earlier when not many has checked in their baggages yet. Besides, it doesn’t seem like a full flight from what I see. My fingers are crossed.

I absolutely hate packing. Each and every time, I find myself throwing together my baggage a few hours before I fly or just the day before. But, I suppose I have gotten used to doing this on the go.

This past 6 weeks of holidays in Singapore has been nothing short of fantastic, just being here with friends, family and the cats. I know I am not exactly someone who is really close to family or so. However, there is no doubt that I was getting bored towards the last two weeks. But, I did treasure my time here, knowing that the next time I am back will be in late December, a week or two before Christmas. And, if things go well, I am hoping to spend NYE somewhere else, perhaps in Sydney. Yes, I am thinking ahead.

So, what are my new year resolutions? I haven’t actually thought about that much. But, a few items that will definitely be on the list – losing a few more kilos of weight; making concrete progress on the PhD research (yes, I aim to graduate by June 2013); and no shopping unless absolutely necessary (i went crazy with shopping due to the stress and all in 2010).

I guess that’s about all for now. Farewell Singapore. Hello Sydney and Canberra! The second time is going to be better!


Written by Jasmine

January 1, 2011 at 22:31

Posted in Family, Friends, Singapore

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