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It’s been two weeks since the operation. Everything just happened really quickly. That was my first operation, and hopefully last one at least till I am expecting. I have always thought that the first time I’ll be in a ward will be at a delivery ward.

I saw the gynaecologist two days after I am back in Singapore, thanks to my mom who managed to help me get a booking at Thomson Medical Centre merely through the reports I’ve sent her via email. I have had a couple of gynaes in my life. However, I think I am going to stick to this gynae in Singapore since she’s friendly and really good. I suppose it’s time to get my regular checks done every year (instead of once every few years), which is really what every woman, particularly those in their prime reproductive ages, should do. So, more tumour markers blood tests were done on me, as those performed on me in Australia were deemed insufficient. It is a little unbelievable that those 7 test tubes of blood drawn from me in a month were insufficient.

My gynae offered me an operation slot for the next day or the following week. I wasn’t mentally geared for an operation the next day. So, I took the slot for the following week. On the day of the operation, I remember being pushed into the operation ward, where I even had to wait for my turn for the theater. My gynae had a short operation before me. That certainly felt like a supermarket check out.

When my turn came, the anesthetist was really quick. I even remembered him cracking a not too funny joke to the nurse about not wasting time and getting this done quick. Before I knew it, the needle went through my veins on my hand. The nurse gave me the oxygen mask and I was knocked out. The next few words I heard repeatedly was: “The operation is over”. Honestly, those words were scary as I felt numb and weak at that point in time. It was only after the operation that I realise that the nurse had to ensure that I am awake before I can be sent from the recovery room to my ward.

My gynae came by in the evening of the operation to see me, and showed me the dermoid cyst she removed. It was big, and ugly (for the lack of a better word). It is unbelievable that I had that in me. She also performed another procedure on me. Of which, both the cyst removed and scrapped linings were sent to the laboratory for tests.

I went for my post-operation last Thursday which went well. It was then the gynae showed me the picture taken at the laboratory of the removed cyst. Obviously, the cyst had to be taken out in several parts. And, once again, for the lack of a better word, this picture looked even worse. The cyst removed had its own cell structure, complete with solid bones, fats, proteins, and so on. Well, let your imagination run wild. According to the tests, the scrapped lining (the additional procedure my gynae took on) also had some sort of a cyst. My gynae took on that procedure given my medical history. I am thankful that the tests showed that the cysts were benign and mature. No pre-cancerous cells were found.

My wounds (merely two small cuts) are recovering well, and hopefully doesn’t leave too muc of a scar. It shouldn’t according to my gynae. The threads are dissolvable and there was still some remaining thread left from the surgical procedures at the post-operation review last Thursday. However, over the weekend I noticed how my body appeared to be unable to get rid of that remaining thread that was stuck with one of the wounds. So, I got it removed at a GP on Monday. That sure hurt a little. Stubborn thread! I also gained 2.6kg from the operation (measured the day after my operation and on the morning right before my operation). Darn CO2 and water that was pumped into my system during the operation! I sure hope the weight go away, since it’s still here, and is definitely a result of the operation.

So, that was it.

I am hoping that I don’t have to rely on the pills I was given by my gynae over the next one year. My fingers are crossed that nature will take its course, because I hate the idea of taking pills, even if it’s just for five days every two months. Please let there be no scars left on me as well. I will actually stick on this scar treatment gel sheet which has been approved by my gynae really soon, which which apparently helps to improve the appearance of scars by softening, flattening and fading.

Let 2011 be a better year for health, and for everything else. Thus far, 2010 has been the most tiring year in all aspects in my life.



Written by Jasmine

December 14, 2010 at 12:05

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