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For someone with a benign tumour in her, I must have been pretty nonchalant and cool about this whole thing.

I suppose I’ve reached tipping point ages ago, where I am honestly just sick of “fighting” or am at least pretty much over and done with this year. Cut me up, stitch me up, do anything you want to me.

I went to see my gynaecologist today. The CT scan result is back, stating that I have a dermoid cyst (filled with fats and calcium) in me. What’s the good and bad part about this?

In case anyone is interested…

Dermoids are bizarre because they contain many different types of cells. They arise from a single cell that has the potential to become anything in the body. They are often filled with a greasy, thick fluid and may contain hair, cartilage and even well-formed teeth! Sweat glands, thyroid tissue and muscle fibers may also be found. Old textbooks showed dermoids as a tiny “humunculous,” or human being within the ovary.

Dermoids often cause no symptoms and are noted as an enlargement of the ovary on a routine pelvic exam. However, they may twist on themselves and cause severe pain, and occasionally they rupture, producing peritonitis, or irritation of the abdominal and pelvic cavity. In order to prevent these complications, it’s best to remove dermoids when they are found. The surgery will involve removing the dermoid itself; unless it involves the entire ovary, the rest of the ovary is left behind. The surgeon may use either laparoscopy (surgery using miniature tools through tiny incisions) or an open approach, depending on the size and location of the dermoid as well as the surgeon’s skill.


Good: The tumour markers blood test came back. And, this isn’t a malignant tumour, but a benign one. And, only the left ovary is affected. Oh, and this could well be what’s keeping those menses away. But, nothing is certain till I have it removed and pray that the menses come back.

Bad: A surgery is still unavaoidable (because it can continue to grow, its current size and how it’s very likely to be linked to the missing menses). I need to have it removed, and pray that they keep my salvage my ovaries (if not I am screwed). For someone who really wants to have her own kids in future, this is a stab in the heart. The only reason why I actually started to see the doctor regarding missing menses is due to the very fact that I am worried I can’t have kids in future. Very often, such surgeries are able to remove the dermoid, stitch up the ovaries, and let it heal. But, of course, there are always possible complications. I hope God is overseeing everything and thinks this way: “Yup, this girl had her fair share of bad luck and run ins for the year. I’ll spare her and let her have a smooth surgery.”

Well, the problem I have now is whether I should have my surgery here in Canberra or in Singapore. Time for some quick pros and cons?

Surgery in Singapore

Pros: Mom is in Singapore (she can take care of me); doctors might be of a higher quality (or at least I perceive them to be); cost wise (I’m not honestly not sure?)

Cons: Possibly have to wait till 2011 to get surgery done (I don’t want any of these to overflow into 2011. I want to start 2011 on a perfect note. Let anything bad end in 2010.), going through the checks and all again (I doubt CT scans and reports are good enough for the doctors in Singapore. They probably want to be sure and force me through the scans again.)

Surgery in Canberra (Oh wait, the slot available is not even in Canberra, it’s in NSW.)

Pros: A slot has just become available in Nov with my gynae (who is a senior surgeon) at one of the hospitals slightly off Canberra in NSW, it’s covered under my medicare. The normal wait is at least 4 months to a year. So, this is as rare as it can get, get it over and done with.

Cons: Unsure who I can rely on here if I do need help, a lil’ unsure about the quality of the hospital etc.


So, what now brown cow?

p:s: Googling about dermoid cyst is enough to make my stomach churn.



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October 26, 2010 at 19:34

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