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I hate the fact that I am still so incompetent in Math and its general notations. While I’ve probably improved leaps and bounds since January, I am still not well versed in Math. It puts me at a great disadvantage because I struggle and am so often running for help from my peers when assignments are due. Of which, they probably do think I am dumb.

I can’t help it. Complicated math notations still don’t speak in the same language as me. It doesn’t help that I don’t have a strong background in math (No, A level Math does not count.)

While it might have been wise for me to take Math A and B courses this year, I have avoided them because the goal for this year is to get past the coursework and not stumble and fail in them (given how notoriously difficult or rather unreasonable these two courses are in ANU). I am certainly planning to take Math A and B in semester 1 and 2 next year when I am not under pressure to be passing all my courses, but rather to be doing the courses for pure learning. There’s never enough learning anyway!

What else can I do now? Nothing honestly. All I really know is that this continues to be a struggle for me. UQ, you’ve short changed me.


Written by Jasmine

October 19, 2010 at 05:06

Posted in About Me, PhD

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