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removing all digital footprints

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except for this one…

At some point in time over the last few days, I was glancing through a few of my friends’ profiles. I was stunned.

The birthday party I had resulted in some friends adding just a whole bunch of other friends. I don’t really care but I freaked out. I saw how the number of common friends we had went from 5 to 21. For me, I don’t add people unless I know them well enough most of the times. For others, it’s nothing but a “number/comment/likes” game.

It was then I also realised how much digital footprints I had left across the WWW. Subsequently, I deleted all my tweets from twitter, privatised most of my previous journal entries, and really am wondering if I should de-activate facebook. I appreciate the Singapore friends I have on them. But, it gets scary when you’ve so many common friends with someone. I have never had that many common friends with someone (over 50) till I got here.

I suppose I am left with this journal where I rant all I want because this is my space.


Written by Jasmine

October 5, 2010 at 17:00

Posted in About Me, Friends

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