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Math as a tool, not otherwise.

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I am still at odds with this.

I have had mini debates about this with peers in university. My view: I see math as a tool to help economics and its explanations. I am straight forward with what I think about the use of Math in Economics when I talk to my peers. I don’t see Math as being equivalent to Economics, which some (particularly the theorists and theorists wannabe do). These are the people who can survive without data and evidence.

I understand and see the importance of the use of Math in Economics. But, I do not see it as all encompassing.

That’s where the roads diverge in the yellow road.

It actually reminds me of the philosophical science essay I had to do to defend my honours thesis way back in 2005. I had to go through levels after levels of thoughts somewhat in “philosophy science” to write that essay. It was then I realise I am quite the empiricist, not totally but very much alike. (not completely since I don’t see experience as being the only source of knowledge) But, I often derive my ideas for testing from what I read in the news/current affairs and observe around me. I don’t quite derive my ideas from reading papers of theories after theories, if I don’t see a practical or realistic application to it. For example, I can’t see how we can test a certain theory if there is no use of it in reality (it could very well just be an exposition of math through the whole theory).

Is that strange? or shallow?


Written by Jasmine

October 5, 2010 at 04:20

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