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At 4pm, my brains wasn’t working anymore. The writer’s block had struck. In fact, it was there the entire day.

So, I went to the gym instead! My last gym visit was in late June when I was back in Singapore. My last run was in late May, after which I stopped going to the gym. So, I had a break from running for 4.5 months.

Well, I simply had no time. I suppose that’s an excuse.

I am really happy to know that I still managed my 2.4km slightly under 15 minutes. I felt so good after the run, a feeling long forgotten. That’s a feat for me, given that I haven’t done any running in the last 4.5 months. I am usually managing more than 20 minutes if I have been away from running for that long. I would like to think that the improvement in fitness in the earlier part of this year (where I managed my 5kms in around 30 minutes) has a part to play in this.

Perhaps there’s hope for either the Gold Coast Marathon in July next year, and eventually the NYC Marathon before I hit 30.

And, I had a lovely time over coffee and dinner with Mush at Cafe Essen in Civic. Yes, I have barely started on the economic seminars essay due next Monday. But, it’s my two weeks break. So, I will have a break if I need it.

Somehow, I think my priorities have changed a little. Health is now on top of the priorities list together with studies. It used to be pushed way down that list, but has climbed up again.

Nothing is more important than good health. The PhD is important, but I am left with nothing if my health is in the dumps.


Written by Jasmine

October 4, 2010 at 20:25

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