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life is funny in that way…

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Just right after I started on a new casual job (yes, the cleaning up one), I was blessed with an email from my previous workplace informing me of a payout. That email was an unexpected surprise, particularly after we missed out on last year’s one. That said, it somehow put my mind a little at rest, knowing that I can at least settle bits and pieces of the car insurance (which has gone up after my ratings took a dip), car rego, car park, returning resident fee (a hefty bit! which makes me wonder why do I still continue living on in college, apart from its close proximity to where my office is).

Life is funny in that way, isn’t it?

Let’s hope it’s funny in that way as well when I go for the first of my two doc appointments tomorrow.

And, these days, I have often felt like I need air. This poem perfectly describes how I feel.

I Need Air
I could see it wasn’t worth
Spending time with them on earth.
There were fewer in the sky.
I decided I would fly.
I need air…

Where only stars get in my hair:
And only eagles stop and stare.
I need air.

Oh, the work is mad
And I’ve had my share.
I need air.
I need air.
I need air…

There’s not a sign of life down there.
Just hats and grown-ups everywhere.
I need air.

Lots of cosy sky
That God and I can share.
I need air.
I need air.

-Alan Lerner


Written by Jasmine

October 4, 2010 at 12:21

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