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So, I arrived in Canberra yesterday in the afternoon. First impression? A quiet capital city. It was an instant shock to my system.

In the last 1.5 days, I tried really hard to settle in by grabbing all the necessities – the fan, printer, the laundry line, the laundry basket food, paper, the pillow, the bedsheets, and just about anything that was deemed necessary on my list. I even managed to view 3 different apartments. Highly efficient you would say. Saturday was madness as I bought more than my two hands could manage. The guys at Bakers Delight stared at my really huge recyclable bag and commented that was huge, eventually making a right guess that it contained a fan. When would I ever learn? Step by step, Jas. Give time time.

Sunday. A friend brought me around Canberra for some shopping, coffee, dinner and a tour of the South Canberra. Of course, how could I forget this? We also went on a car tour of almost all the embassies/high commissions in Canberra. The pretty embassies include: PNG, Malaysia, and a few others. Admittedly, the Singapore High Commission is a very plain looking grey building that hasn’t got any distinct features to it. Well, what matters is it serving its purpose I reckon.

The mad, desperate and even efficient rush to get everything settled only made things worse. The people (my flatmate at my temporary accommodation, my friend, ..) I have met thus far have all been really nice and friendly, all trying to help me with settling in. My friends in Singapore have been talking to me and asking how I am doing.

Yet, at the end of yesterday and today, I find myself seated in my room, and feeling horrid after all the hassle buzzle is gone. It doesn’t help that I am slightly jet lagged with only a three hours time difference. I feel home/people sick. That is certainly rare coming from someone who has never felt homesick in her entire life. I pride myself in having a high ability to adapt easily wherever I go. So, this has been disappointing for me. Things can only get better, right?

I can only keep trying. I feel terrible now. My happy index: 1/10. Yes, this has been a depressing post.


Written by Jasmine

January 10, 2010 at 22:16

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