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With everything signed off on the clearance form, and most (except one or two) work related stuffs handled over to the appropriate colleague, I left the Treasury yesterday without the laptop and PS card for once. It was bittersweet.

Since graduation in end-2005, I have only worked for nearly four years. Yet, the last two years felt like the most productive in learning and work. While I was only at MTI for less than two years (four months short), that really does feel like a long time. I felt a sense of belonging, and so much more pride in what I do at MTI than at my previous work place. Sure, there were the necessary gripes and complaints about work. But, there were also the opportunities and fun as well, interesting ones to boot – whether it was following SM on a trip to S.Korea (which really was quite an eye opener…given how I am always amazed by how politicians think), on the Hong Kong study trip, dealing with inflation, growth, output gap, QES/AES issues, or communicating with colleagues from other divisions/ministries. Each issue came with its challenges and new insights. Admittedly, I haven’t handled all issues all that well. Yet, all that were learning experiences. Looking back, I think there were differences in how I handled work issues through 2009, a stark difference between Jan/Feb 2009 and in the second half of 2009.

On the whole, I would like to think that I have matured and mellowed while working at MTI. I would like to think that I handled work issues (that I didn’t really like working on – we all have them) better, while looking forward to those I was really passionate about (the research, the econometrics).

The colleagues (and some turned friends) at ESD made work enjoyable, even during times when we all felt burnt out. I had a wonderful team – we talked about geeky and frivolous stuffs, joked, worked as a team in most of the things we do. A common topic in ESD these days seem to revolve around “who are the married ones, the singles, and the dating ones”. That said, you have to agree with me on this – nothing beats a conducive and happy working environment, where people are busy doing work, and yet have time for some fun from time to time.

A week or so back, a colleague/friend from another division wrote me a little note, reminding me of how I “fretted away on making the ‘big’ decision between Forecast or MTI”. I certainly forgot about how I fretted away back then, so much so I even drafted a pros/cons list, which really is so typical of me in most major decisions I have made so far. She was right. That was one decision I did not regret.

I am not great with thank yous, and farewells.

So, thank you, my dear colleagues/friends at work. See you later.


Written by Jasmine

January 8, 2010 at 18:10

Posted in Contemplation, Work

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