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Here I am, seated at Gloria Jean’s at Raffles City, caffeinating myself. At the same time, I am trying to figure out what exactly did I do to get the 2 regression results I have here. This isn’t the most conducive environment to do so. I will leave that to tonight instead.

A conversation going on between the potential boss/employee at the next table got me interested. Thus far, the potential boss has remained relatively silent, commenting and explaining when asked. The potential employee seems to have taken the upper hand, questioning away. The conversation goes on…

I have plans of going to Germany or the US in future…

So, how do you plan to train me should you hire me?

I am intrigued. All the interviews I have had in my life so far were mainly panel interviews. The largest panel interview I had so far would have to be the one with the Ministry, with 6 or 7 on the panel.  Yet, the most inefficient HR recruitment process I have ever come across would have to be the one with the Ministry too. I am sure that doesn’t come as a surprise. 🙂

In all these interviews, there were always opportunities for questions from my part, mainly involving the usual questions and often involves me throwing in the necessary (or at least I think it is) question: “What’s the likelihood that I am going to be hired?” Well, let’s cut the chase. That said, I haven’t really encountered a situation where the employer appears to be grilled by the potential employee.

Back to the conversation…

The potential employee appears to have extremely high hopes and expectations of the work he is going to do.

It reminds me of myself. Sure, I still have overly high expectations of what I want to do at work. But, I think I have mellowed over the years, and have learned the art of  “giving and taking”.

I learned that it is not just good enough to be humble, but to also show that you are humble. (I think I appear to be otherwise at times when I really am not.) There is a need to prove myself as a way competent (both knowledge and work experience wise) economist, always be willing to learn anything and everything before I am going to get to where I want – to use economics to help others. Right now, as it seems, it is all about facilitating understanding and honing my own skills.


Written by Jasmine

January 5, 2010 at 17:34

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